Artists that have played through Jaguar:

Billy Gibbons - ZZ Top
Joe Walsh - Eagles
Vivian Campbell - Def Leppard, Dio, Thin Lizzy
*Marc Ford - Black Crowes

John Avila - Oingo Boingo
*Keri Kelli - Alice Cooper, Slash's Snake Pit, Vince Neil, Skid Row, Warrant, Ratt
*Elijah Ford - Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses
*Ryan Hitt - The Romany Rye
The Silent Comedy

*Paul Collins - Beirut
*Scott Devendorf - The National
*Dominic DiCiano - Evaline
*Jesse Valenzuela - Gin Blossoms
Scotty Johnson - Gin Blossoms
Ed Roland - Collective Soul
Danny Wilde - The Rembrandts, 'Friends' (theme)
*Rhett Miller - Old 97's
*Ken Bethea - Old 97's

*Aaron Boehler - Burn Halo
*Mason Stoops - Sony recording artist
*Roger Clyne - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, The Refreshments, King of the Hill (theme)
*Eric Dover - Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Slash's Snakepit, Alice Cooper, Sextus
*Matt Downs - Ian McLagan
*Mark Linder - Mirabeauband
Rudy Salas - Tierra
* Howie Miller - The Blackheart Bar

*Bobbo Byrnes - The Fallen Stars
*Gregg Braught - Identity Crisis, Marshmallow Pie, The Hard Way
Steve Bancroft - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings
Walter Clevenger - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings

* Product owners / endorsement artists


"We've been really fortunate around here to have had the opportunity to play through
truly incredible amps...the Jaguar Twin is on the same level as the best of them."
Premier Guitar Magazine, June 2008

"The Jaguar Twin is a beast that just eats pedals up!"
Noel Evangelista, Tone Merchants

"I think the amps are incredible and cut through like a hot knife through butter."
Darryl Icard, Gin Blossoms Tech

"The Jaguar inspires me to play."
Jesse Valenzuela, Gin Blossoms

"My combo not only gives me the crunch I need from the depths of hell but can
also be clean and beautiful as if from an angels voice"
Scotty Johnson, Gin Blossoms